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Mounds of computer hardware fill the room, illuminated by the fitful glare of old computer monitors. Buried in a corner, an old Compaq Proliant produces a steady grumble. Nearby is the SysAdmin, his hair in wild disarray against the backdrop of a glowing screen. The rapid-fire tapping of a keyboard is punctuated by moments of silence and gentle clicks from an old Logitech Mouseman. Occasionally a dry chuckle can be heard above the purring of hard drives. A simple banner on a tiny screen nearby proclaims in a red font, "Microsoft Sucks".

My day job used to be over at the Virtual Hospital, where I was the System Administrator. Only exists in the Wayback Archive these days.

These days I still run my own company, Carlson Computer Services.

Check some of the links I find interesting. Yeah, ancient, ignore for now if you want. :)

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Motorcycles - I retired...for Now!


Mechwarrior - I retired.



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