My Motorcycles, Past and Present


1982 Suzuki GS850G

1050x640 - 800x488

After being without a motorcycle for what, 12 years, it sure feels good to be riding again. Check out my log of this bike.


1984 Kawasaki KZ550 LTD

1280x1048 - 1024x768 - 800x600

This was (WAS) my first REAL motorcycle. I bought it while I was still in high school, it was my first vehicle loan as well. I paid $1800 for it as I recall, borrowing $900 from the bank. It was used, I think it had about 1200 miles on it. I had been looking for something a little bigger, but this was the bike I could afford. I remember the ride home from Des Moines, getting on the Interstate was a real rush, the thing was sooo FAST. That was the day the speed limit was raised to 65, I believe I ended up going a lot faster as I was late for a volleyball game. Ah, the old days.

When I was still in high school, I made a trip down to Springdale, Arkansas. On the way down I only stopped for gas and fireworks. In hindsight (ahem), I probably should have stretched my legs and backside a little more often. Oh well, it only hurt for a day or so! Course, then I had to ride back home. Things were fine until about 60 miles from home, hit a major thunderstorm. And being young and foolish, instead of sitting out the storm under an overpass I kept on riding. Talk about cold wet and miserable. Next time I'll pack a rain suit.

After I got married in 1989, I wasn't really riding the bike as much and didn't have a decent place to store it other than in the parking lot. Short story, I sold it for way less than I should have to make a quick buck. *sigh*

The picture is one Kristin took for an assignment when she was still in photography school. Oddly this is one of the few pictures I have of this bike.

1973 Honda CL175


This was my very first motorcycle, just like the picture except mine was blue. I bought it used when I was 14 or so, back then you could get a motorcycle license without taking Driver's Education first. Go figure. I sold this bike for $50 the summer before college (1987). It had a problem in the charging system, many times I ended up pushing it home after riding around at night with the headlight on (yep, this oldie had a headlight switch). Never did fix that.

I made my first trip to Iowa City on this bike, to see my then girlfriend, Kristin Foss. I barely made it home that night due to a low battery, had to keep turning the headlight off for a few minutes! Amazing the things a guy will do for a girl.

Can't say I really miss this bike all that much. :) -> Bill's Room