Largemouth Bass

Date: September 6th, 2003
Weight: 4.5 pounds
Length: 20 inches
Location: Lake Iowa, Iowa County, West of Williamsburg, Iowa.
Fishing Buddy: My Dad, Rodney Carlson

The Story

I hadn't been fishing in a couple of weeks, the last time out I let a monster bass get away (Dad swore it was at least 6 pounds). Dad called, he'd heard from my brother Tom that I was thinking about going fishing later in the day (Tom having caught a large drum that day, much to his chagrin). Dad was nice enough to come all the way to Lake Iowa to fish. He'd been considering Diamond Lake, but I wasn't going to be able to get away until 6 pm or so, it would be dark by the time I got to Diamond! I'd rather fish from a boat than shore any day.

I met Dad at the Lake, he had already put his boat in and thrown a few casts waiting for me to show up. It had been a nice day, not too hot and sunny. We started hugging the right shore coming off the boat dock, I was throwing a 1/4 oz yellow spinner bait with a hammered silver spoon. About the 3rd or 4th cast, WHAM! I got a good hook set and knew the fish was keep-able at least (15 inch minimum on Lake Iowa). We were away from any snags or anything, so after we got the motors out of the water I knew all I had to do was keep the fish down and wear him out. I had a good fight, about a minute or so before Dad netted the fish. Yes!

This was my biggest bass so far, that last was a 2 1/2 pounder, so I was pretty happy. True to form, I decided the eating looked pretty good, so I kept the fish. Plenty of bass in Lake Iowa anyway.

So, with a good sized fish on board, it finally dawned on me that I'd had the spinner bait tied on since losing that monster bass a couple of weeks ago! High time I retied, lucky the line didn't break on this fish! So, I retied the same lure and started casting. About two casts later, the lure went sailing WAY WAY out there! What the heck? My knot had let go! D'oh!

Dad and I ended up fishing until around 10 pm, didn't get any other keepers. By then I'd decided I needed to get some pics of the fish and took it home instead of cleaning it at the lake. Kristin was excited to take the pics, but boy did she jump when I offered to have the fish give her a kiss! Heh! I managed to clean the fish, looks like a couple of meals out of it.

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